Rollocam H-2 Systems The world's most Intelligent, Wireless Tripod

Rollocam Smart Tripod from Rollocam on Vimeo.

Rollocam H-2 - the worlds most intelligent Tripod

The Rollocam H-2 is the world's most portable intelligent robotic tripod system, that allows anyone to take panoramic pictures, smooth, motorized dolly and slider video shots, time-lapse photography, stop motion and more all wirelessly controlled remotely with your smartphone.



Rollocams pat pending articulation wheels allow the H-2 to go in any direction

The H-2 features articulating wheels allowing the same tripod to move linearly or in beautiful arcs, circles, and stunning panoramas. The system is encased in a beautiful aluminum housing which contains all the electronics, encode, BLE, battery and motor.  A power switch and a multi purpose port for charging and triggering are embedded into the injection molded housing.  The long lasting lithium ion battery runs for more than 4 hours in continuous use, or over 10 hours in a time lapse.   The low power Bluetooth module eliminates the need for any cables between the H-2 and the smart phone that controls it and allows communication up to 100 feet in optimal environments.  When its time to charge the system, you simply plug the H-2 into any USB outlet.

Features include Bluetooth Low Energy, quiet mote, integrated encoder, and elegant design

Designed for portability, the H-2 weighs only 5 oz., yet can carry a camera weighing up to 5.5 lbs. This makes the H-2 ideal for DSLRs, Mirrorless, Adventure cameras and smart phones.  All of them!  Measuring less than 6 inches, the Rollocam H-2 really does fit in your pocket and really will go with you anywhere.

Rollocam App for iPhone BLE communication to H-2

Rollocam Face Tracking feature keeps the subject in the center of the frame
On top of all that is our face tracking feature, which turns the Rollocam H-2 into an intelligent reactive tripod that keeps your face in the center of the frame, while you move around. Ideal for teachers, vloggers, presenters, spiritual leaders, and plain just for fun this mode will allow you record high quality video with out a crew and without the limitations of a fixed camera.  While you are blogging away you can record in High Definition for incredibly sharp and stable videos.  And just imagine the new and exciting selfies you will be sharing with all your friends.

The Rollocam H-2 is controlled wirelessly via a smart phone app, allowing you to control the speed, acceleration, distance and more while shooting the smoothest videos at full resolution.   The timelapse function allows you to control the H-2 and move it in increments as small as 1/100th of an inch and with selectable time intervals and distance.   Our stop motion feature provides for cool stop motion such as Claymation and model recording. 

Rollocam H2 is the world's most intelligent tripod, it moves when you doThe Rollocam H-2 is also the ideal portable tripod providing hands free support.   Simple and easy to use for watching movies, chatting with your friends, reading your ebooks or even simply charging your phone.  It easily fits on your bed side table and is there to remind you its time for work or time for play.

Rollocam H-2 for Mirrorless & DSLR
Rollocam H-2 for Smart Phones 
H-2 Wireless Intelligent Tripod System
USB charging cable
2.5mm female DSLR trigger cable adapter *
Adjustable Ball Head with 1/4-20 screw
Users Guide
H-2 Wireless Intelligent Tripod System
USB charging cable
Spring loaded smartphone clamp for phones up to 3.5” wide
Adjustable Ball Head with 1/4-20 screw
Users Guide

 This Compatibility Chart will help you find the right trigger cable for your camera.


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