Rollocam H-2 The World's Most Intelligent Pocket Tripod

Rollocam Intelligent Portable Tripod

Time lapse

Time lapse videos are fun to create and amazing to watch.  Use the Rollocam H-2 to add orbital movement to your DSLR, Gopro, and smartphone.  It’s easy!


Night lapse

Up your game by adding camera motion to your awesome night lapse videos of the skyline and city light.  The Rollocam H-2 triggers your DSLR for a true move-shoot-move motion control with long exposure night lapse.  It’s automatic!


Product video

Want to make your product standout on Instagram?  Use the Rollocam H-2 to add creative camera movement to capture that special feature.  Your product deserves it!

They are talking about us...

“I love using my Rollocam! I want to buy another one because I lent it to my brother and he hasn’t returned it.” - Dr. Stephen R., the Smithsonian Museum

 “I need a small dolly to roll on the table and this device is perfect!” – Jess B., KNBC News

 “Our crews absolutely love the Rollocam! Ton of great features and now we’re using it regularly on our productions.” – Jon L., Gopro

 “I use the Rollocam with my Sony to capture really neat time lapse videos at JPL.” – Dr. Thomas J, NASA

 Rollocam H-2 Product Review Video


Here are more videos you can create with the Rollocam H-2


Product and accessories

This Compatibility Chart will help you find the right trigger cable for your camera.

Rollocam H-2 is currently fully compatible with IOS 11 and 12.   Android app coming soon. 

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