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 What it is: Portable, Wireless, Intelligent Desktop Dolly for DSLR, mirrorless, go pros and smartphones weighing up to 5.5lbs.
Purpose: Rollocam puts your camera in consistent motion creating more dramatic and enhancing content.
Capable of shooting smooth consistent video over a long period of time
Shoots a wide variety of timelapse photo
Does a simple move shoot routine for stop motion
* uses face tracking technology for video selfies and presentation shooting without a camera operator
Who will buy it: Videographers who need an automated solution.
Professional photographers who will benefit from it's portability and ease of use
Prosumers trying to enhance their current capabilities
Photographers who are “getting into video”. 
Anyone who want to put their small camera in motion 
Those who want to get the newest , coolest, impress your friends gadget
Why do they want it? Its so small it goes everywhere.   
Supports virtually any and all cameras every your phone
Set it and forget it. Run attended moves and time lapses
Can add additional features as they become available
Can run as a second camera operator


Features and Benefits

Small and lightweight Fits anywhere, always with you, since it also uses phone, you always have a tool with you
Set it and forget it Once you set the Rollocam H-2, it will run unattended
Variable speed Able to run wide variety of speed and acceleration profiles
Quiet Allows you to use on camera mics eliminating the need for remotes, cables, batteries and all expenses associated and pain in the butt in bringing it with you ad setting it up
Industry standard cold shoe Offers the ability to add any of the thousands of currently available accessories
Camera trigger Provides a mechanism to trigger your camera during timelapse and stop motion functions
Super precise The encoder equipped Rollocam H-2 can move in increments as low as 1/100th of an inch
Consistant motion Simply un-reproducible by a human, allows for precise consistent moves up to 5 hours in duration
Excellent Panoramas using our slow constant motion, the Rollocam allows your IOS panorama to run without any waves


Business Case for purchasing a Rollocam


Deploy the unit 3 times a week for the life of the product allows us to determine 150 uses per year about 4 year life provides 600 uses for $300 so about half a buck per use

Deploy only 1 time per month, but eliminate the need for someone to do the work for you, or for you to be there - save 12 hours per year.  ROI 5 months

Eliminate the need for a second shooter 5 times recovers the cost of the Rollocam H-2

Flexible Payload

Allows you to use all your cameras (up to 5.5lbs) and devices

Maximizes your investment in your current tools

Eliminates need for a variety of bulky tools

Eliminates need to have a slider for straight slides and another for curved slides

Eliminates need for small tripod

Eliminates need for external intervalometer

No need for bulky wired controller

Same device slides straight, curves panoramas and circles

Unattended operation

Allows you to set it and forget it
Once running, it does not require any further interaction
Allowing you to get back to building your business

How much would you save having the Rollocam run a 1 hour job daily?

Downloadable App

Creates an opportunity for you to add features as they become available
Increase the number of moves the Rollocam can manage
This is real exciting, because it creates limitless possibilities of expansion

Recommendations for a 5 minute Demo


Show the Rollocam

Show included parts

Fold it up, Deploy the legs, show the wheels articulating, point out the quality build, simple switch and the charging / trigger port.  

Point out the durable build, pressed on components and elegant design.

This is a good time to turn on the unit.  Switch pushed to the right is ON

Green antenna should replace red antenna on app.

Show the app

Briefly explain the four functions

Explain the start top button 

Explain the Camera / Phone mode button


Demonstrate Continuous Motion

In phone mode video is captured and saved to gallery.  

In camera mode, your camera is capturing the image and storing in your camera.

Set wheels for desired motion 

Explain Speed

Explain Ramptime (acceleration)

Explain Distance

Explain Dwell time

Demonstrate TImeLapse

When is phone mode, the phone is notified by the Bluetooth that the dolly is stable and then a picture is captured by your phone.  

In Camera mode the Rollocam triggers your camera via the camera trigger cable (that you add on to the sale) and the images are captured to your camera.

Set wheels for whatever you like

Explain the Index (1/100 inch to 1 inch)

Explain the distance the H-2 will travel

Explain the interval it waits after it stops and how you can set your camera exposure time based coordinating with this setting.  Point out the interval allows you to use a long shutter setting with your camera

Explain the trigger delay shoots this many seconds after stopping

Point out the Dwell time again for reverse operation

Demonstrate Stop Motion

In Phone mode the Rollocam H-2 moves then signals the phone to shoot a picture.

In Camera mode the Rollocam triggers your camera via the camera trigger cable (that you add on to the sale) and the shot is captured to your camera storage

Set wheels as you like

Very simple adjust index and at the end of the shot, the system shoots a picture

Demonstrate the Tracking function

Point out please that this function will not work with the camera and only works with the phone

Adjust the wheels to complete circle, or arc.

Let your customer look into it and let the Rollocam follow them.  A circle will allow for a very small surface area.

Explain where this can assist in their business or in what they do or enjoy doing.


Discuss how the Rollocam H-2 is a great investment and how it has a quick ROI

Explain how it protects your current investment in cameras and devices because it has the flexible payload and pretty much any camera you are going to buy will most likely fit. Cameras are not getting any larger.

Discuss the advantage of being able to download new capabilities as they become available.

Ask them if there is any reason that the Rollocam would not help in their production?  If there is no reason then recommend they purchase the Rollocam to enhance their shooting and be in a position to always have a motorized slider with them.  

Overcoming Objections

Every customer has their specific issues and legitimate objections.  It is our responsibility as responsible sales professionals to help them identify those objections and overcome them.  Besides they look to you for this advice and help and you need to continue to provide that value.  Our product will not fit everyone.  Your knowledge of your customers requirements is the tool to best place these products where they are most able to help the customer.  Please share with us whatever you run into so we can all learn and benefit from your experience.

If they say its too small, explain they can add a sliding device to move the camera back thus allowing for better balancing with longer cameras or long lenses.  Also cover the fact that cameras are not getting any bigger.

If they say its not fast enough, ask what they require and if speed is an issue, then cover the fact that Rollocam appears faster as the arc gets smaller, thus overcoming many speed issues.

If they argue about a flat surface, point out that in most cases if they are in the field they probably have a laptop with them that can act as the level surface, if not, car hoods, roofs, fences with horizontal rails, flat rocks, a book, a newspaper.  There are a million flat surfaces available.  

5 hours continuous motion is not enough battery power.  Cover the fact that most slides are not a five hour continuous motion.  Most are two minutes with a possible bounce back, so the small portable battery probably will be way more than enough.  Truthfully, How much is a good battery?   Quite honestly, you can get a second Rollocam for the price of a good battery. 

Maybe the customer already has a slider or a motorized slider.  Well our tool will provide a second solution for a second camera for example, it will also fit where the other sliders will not and quite frankly maybe our software provides features that they do not get with their current sider.  Finally I would put it in my pocket and remind them theres not much chance they can do that with their current tool.

Price!    It more expensive than something else.   No doubt, we will never be the cheapest thing out there.  We are built in America with quality and service that is American standard.   When you call, you talk to an American who is going to get you results.  

Rollocam is a second generation product, virtually all the competitors in this space are Far East copies of our first product.    If you are earning a living, the last thing you want is to invest in something that will not last and has no future.  Rollocam is built for a four year life.  Its limited to the battery life of the unit.   Their products are built to last til you get home from Walmart.  

Rollocam H-2 is lighter in weight, and smaller in size, but offers at least the same payload.  

Rollocam can be enhanced by simply downloading additional features.  

Remember, as the dealer, these customers look to you for advice.  Its your responsibility to them and to yourself to offer the best solution for their work.

Rollocam and a camera trigger cable provide you the ability to make $100 on a 5 - 10 minute sales opportunity.  Because of our limited distribution, you are able to get the business now.  Our products are sold for retail and there is not much or any discounting that we are aware of.   Offering a unique bundle with a cable and possibly a sliding adapter allows to have a real solution at a very good price, well within the "impulse buy" case!


Add High margin items to your sale by suggesting additional items to make the work easier and more efficient.

 Additional heavy duty ball heads.  Specifically to mount the high end camera to the Rollocam itself, then mount the smaller ball clamp with the phone clamp in the cameras hot shoe.  Now you can use our phone app to track the subject, but capture onto your A7 or Pocket Cinema camera.
Articulating arms for accessories, like microphones and portable lighting or gel kits.
Cold shoe Adapters and devices.  Cold shoe supports which allow you to slide the camera back allowing for longer lenses and the use of rail kits.

Portable phone chargers.  Add an external phone charger to your sale, so the customer can recharge anywhere or even mount it for additional battery time during production.  Use cold shoe mounts and articulating arms.


Lights.  Add a Lume cube or other lightweight lighting system using an articulating arm and clamp.


Comparison with less expensive Far East device

  • Not really a comparison.  These Far East copies of our original design are simple with no intelligence at all.  The can propel a device from point A to point B, but without much control or none at all.   They do not have the ability to trigger the camera, thus they are not un attended devices.  They are limited in their speed and ramp time profiles and have no conception of time.  Rollocam has all that.
  • Rollocam is lighter and smaller, which in the portable dolly game, is a big factor.   It is about 1/3 of the weight of the heavier competitors
  • Rollocam has a built in intervalometer, that triggers the camera for timelapse and stop motion.  Rollocam is a set it and forget it device   Once you set it up to go, you can leave it there and it will finish without your involvement.
  • Rollocam H-2 fits with people that want useful, functional features, the same discriminating customer that chooses a dslr over a point and shoot.
  • With Rollocam there is no need to mess with any switches other than on - off
  • Rollocam supports a huge variety of cameras (and smart phones)
  • Rollocam provides 10 levels of speed vs. 3 speeds , so we can meet the need
  • Rollocam provides 10 levels of acceleration / Deceleration vs. none at all
  • Rollocam provides 3 camera functions:  TimeLapse, Stop Motion and video
  • Rollocam trigger port precisely triggers cameras (or phone as camera)
  • Rollocam provides face tracking with phone as camera offering thousands of opportunities such as presentation, youtube, training videos and of course video selfies and self promotion!!
  • Rollocam uses an app and not a physical remote controller, thus providing considerably more details and thousands of variations vs. 3 and can benefit from the high computing power and sweet cameras installed on most smartphones.
  • Rollocam is precise to 1 / 100 of an inch.  The others?  Not even considered.
  • Rollocam H-2 is not for everyone.  It is however for those that want a truly well engineered and innovative product.
  • Rollocam H-2 has a huge ensemble of adjustments for speed, acceleration, time, duration, and what to do at the end of the move.   These features will make sense the moment the customer realizes the limitations of the competition.   More importantly, these are the features that make the Rollocam a useful tool.  These are the features your customer's ask for, since these are what they need.
  • Rollocam H-2 uses a phone as the controller, thus allowing us to constantly provide upgraded software and additional features.  The product with a manual switch for bluetooth, is quite limited.
  • Rollocam H-2 takes advantage of the phone's features and even provides a tracking function as well as camera functions and as the cameras get better the system benefits from the higher end cameras that come with newer phones.
  • If you are using a camera on the Rollocam H-2, you can use the phone in tracking mode to control the dolly with speed and direction in real time, by pointing at your face and panning the camera.
  • The rollocam is future proof because you can add more features as you need or want them by simply downloading, a task everyone is familiar with.

These products are not the same and in most cases do not even provide for a low end alternative.  They are gadgets for those who are not actually serious about getting the job done, but want a device to play and go back and forth with.  Here are some points that will help us overcome this situation.   Keep in mind those devices do not provide any feedback to the app, or their controller, which obviously limits their ability to do things like trigger the camera or tell the a busy you when its done with the job.  

There are some great tools out there that do provide awesome capabilities and the Rollocam H-2 should be compared to these in order to show its true value.   When comparing to professional motion control equipment.

  • Our product is smaller, lighter, yet holds the same or more payload.  
  • Ours is less bulky, making it easy to bring with you.  
  • Ours selling price is considerably less expensive, yet provides all the same functions as the others, but with additional features such as articulating wheels for any curves and arcs; intervalometer for set it and forget it control of your camera,  and using the phones to track the subject differentiates our product.  This of course allows us to have a much broader target base.
  • No need for a physical controller.  The fact that our controller is on your phone eliminates the cost of controller as well as powering it, connecting it and bringing it with you.   Everyone brings their phone wherever they go.

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