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September 17, 2018.  We have deployed the first round of orders and are now getting up to speed and are able to fulfill orders within a couple of days of the order.   Currently the Rollocam is compatible with the IOS 11 both to operate the Rollocam with ay kind of camera.   

Rollocam App on iPhone mounted and running on a Rollocam H-2Our Android app is still in the works and we are within a week or so for general full release.  However, we have test apps in the field being tested and evaluated, but a couple of minor issues are still holding up the final release.  The software is now up on the Android Play store for control of your Rollocam from an Android 6.0+ phone for shooting video, and triggering your camera while shooting time lapses and stop motions. 

We are looking for feedback from people who have downloaded already and can tell us which Android version and which phone you are using so we can start collecting data for compatibility.  If you want to help us with this testing, please do contact us here.

We are thrilled to announce that the Rollocam H-2 is now available at BH Photo & Video and Adorama.  Other dealers will be coming on real soon.  If you know of the best dealers, who sell the best products and provide the best service, please contact us and let us know who they are, so we can partner with them to get the Rollocam out there.

Don't forget to add a camera trigger cabe to your order if you want the Rollocam to trigger your dslr or mirrorless camera.  When you have this trigger cable the Rollocam H-2 sends a signal to your camera telling it when the H-2 has stopped stabilized and has delayed the number of seconds you entered in the trigger delay.  This is how you get those awesome synchronized timelapse content.


Labor Day 2018.   Smiling even more now!!   We started shipping last week.  Product is now available and our iOS app is on the App Store now, please search for: rollocamios.  We are within a couple of days of finishing the Android app.  Should be up within a couple of days. The new Rollocam H-2 available now

August 15, 2018, H-2 logo engraving and packing

Can you see my smile?
We got parts over the last few weeks and have been feverishly testing components, confirming our communication and working out small bugs and details.
This week we are assembling units and testing them, next week we will be putting the logos on the box, getting the manuals and then packing them up with our goal of shipping by end of the month.  
Honestly, we fell a bit behind on the Android app software, but we are back on track and we are still confident we will have it ready by the time we ship. 
We are all really excited, not just cause football season is almost here, but because after 2 years our little Rollocam H-2 will ship this Month!!!.
Our products should be in stock with BH and Adorama by early September.  Our site is still ready to take additional pre orders.   So there you have it….
By the way, I took this picture using the iPhone’s panoramic picture function with the Rollocam H-2 running a tight 180 degree circle move in continuous motion for about 6 seconds.   I had to compress it dramatically to post it, but I would be happy to share this gorgeous 20mb photo if you like, just send me a note.    What a great way to stabilize the shot for apple Panoramic photo function.  This picture is going on my wall.
Again from the heart, thank you all for your faith and patience.   We look forward to hearing from you all.  And please, Tell a friend!

June 22, 2018. H-2 Now in production.

Rollocam H-2 finished with evaluation and ready to produce.

We are receiving parts and testing components now.  Our objective is to be shipping finished Rollocam H-2 systems around mid summer.   Things are looking good.  Testing is showing excellent results and good yields.  Our software for the IOS is now in beta and we are real excited.  Android development is in full motion now.  Our target for Android Beta is July 25.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us 949 510-7249. 

April 15, 2018. H-2 received a warm reception at NAB.

The first preproductions of Rollocam H-2    Ready for intense testing and evaluationWe brought our prototype H-2s to NAB and got an warm reception from all those that saw the prototypes.  We received some good feedback and plan to implement the feedback before production.  Next objective May 10 , when we purchase the parts and initiate component testing and qualification.  Things are really getting exciting now!






Please check this site rollocam.com updates for the latest information on the current product run and expected delivery date. We plan on shipping mid to late August.

If you have moved since your original order, please update your shipping address and phone number via email link on our support page.

Thank you!



Thank you and as usual if you would like to contact us directly please forward your emails to support@rollocam.com or call direct 949 510-7249.
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