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Please check this page for bi-weekly updates.

July 11, 2016. Production Update

Due to overwhelming demand, Rollocam production has been slightly delayed. Please check this site rollocam.com updates for the latest information on the current product run and expected delivery date. We plan on shipping mid to late August.

If you have moved since your original order, please update your shipping address and phone number via email link on our support page.

Thank you!


July 25, 2016. Production Update

Due to the large demand for the Hercules, our manufacturing partners are a little behind in production of the device.  However, the shipment is en route to our California facility.  Once the shipment arrives, we will perform assembly and quality control check.  We plan to start shipping at the end of Summer to our pre-order customers based on the order number.  Stay tuned to this page for more info. Thank you and we can’t wait to put the Hercules in your hands!


August 15, 2016. Production Update

The mechanical components are going through customs now and will arrive separately from the circuit boards.
The circuit boards are a bit delayed due to the complexity in the manufacturing process.  We had three manufacturers attempted to fabricate the boards but only one could produce high quality boards that met our standards. 
This process obviously took longer than we initially thought.  Once the boards arrive they will be assembled and tested. We are on track to start shipping in the middle to the end of September. 
We can't wait to put the Hercules in your hands—we guarantee it will be worth the wait!

September 10 , 2016. Production Update

Thank you for your patience. Our local vendor is still working on the final motor assemblies, and they are expected to release the parts to us in about 10 days.

All of the other components have been fully inspected and are ready to go.  We are looking to start shipping to our pre-order customers at the end of September but it could be sooner.

We will reach out to all of you next week to confirm that your shipping information is still current. Please keep an eye out for an email from us.  It is important that you respond to us promptly to update your information.

Thank you and we look forward to putting the Hercules in your hands.

September 24 , 2016. Production Update


Dear Rollocam Customer

We have some exciting news coming next week—we need you to update your shipping address (only if it has changed since your original order at rollocam.com). 

Fill out this form: New Address Form—please update your address by next Friday.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at support@rollocam.com.

All the best and thank you for being so patient!

Derek & The Rollocam Team

Thank you and we look forward to putting the Hercules in your hands.

October 3 , 2016. Production Update!
We are currently in the process of shipping to our pre-order customers.  Due to the volume of orders, we hope to complete fulfillment in the next two weeks.  

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number so please review the address carefully. If it is incorrect and you need to update, reply to the email promptly to prevent delay in your shipment. 

We thank you for your patience. 

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at support@rollocam.com.

October 14 , 2016. Production Update!
We would like to update you on where we are in the shipping process so you know when to expect your Hercules to arrive.  

A lot of the pre-order customers have received the product or a shipment confirmation email which indicates that their orders will be shipped shortly. 

We will do our best to fulfill your order by the end of this week and early next week.
For all international customers who selected Mail Innovation as the shipping method, we need more time to process your order as additional paperwork is required by our government. 

We anticipate that all Mail Innovation packages will be shipped next week. For all pre-order customers who made the purchase in October, we will start shipping your Hercules and accessories at the beginning of November.

Thank you and as usual if you would like to contact us directly please forward your emails to support@rollocam.com.

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