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The App can be used in either portrait (button / Thunder connector down)  or landscape mode (button on Right).   When in the Landscape mode, in order to get to all the controls available, simply scroll with your finger up or down to reveal the hidden controls.

Rollocam ScreenShot App Landscape ContinuousMove

The button on the bottom right covers the iPhones role in the picture and video capturing.   When the button shows "Camera" the system will use the iPhone's camera for its capturing.   The camera preview can be seen behind the controls (see picture below).  When the "Camera" button is pressed, the button changes to "iPhone".  The phone camera is turned off and the screen is set to black.  In this mode the system controls a DSLR or other camera on the Rollocam H-2, and simply uses the iPhone to control the dolly movements. For the best experience, make sure you have a camera trigger cable connecting the Rollocam H-2 to your DSLR or Mirrorless camera's wired shutter release port.   Check out our compatibility Chart.

Rollocam H-2 Screen shot Showing menu on top the camera captureIf you want to use your iPhone as the camera, simply "keep the App in iPhone mode - (you see the "Camera" button) and the preview is viewable behind the controls..

Rollocam wheel orientation


The main controls include the top mode selector, which allows you to select one of 4 modes.  Continuous Motion for video, timelapse and stop motion for single shot per motion, and if using the iPhone as the camera, then tracking, where the camera will follow a face and record in HD if you desire.

The direction toggle is quite simple, however left and right depend on your perspective, so consider accordingly.   The traverse switch - if "YES" will cause the Rollocam H-2 to go back to where it came from at the end of the distance.  If this selector is "NO", the move is finished at the end of the distance.   Below where applicable, dwell time is the amount of time in seconds, the Rollocam H-2 will wait before it heads back.   This dwell time does not appear if traverse is set to "NO". 


Rollocam ScreenShot App ContinuousMove Continuous Mode is used for shooting high quality HD video movies from the back camera.   This mode allows you to control the speed in 10 increments, each one approximately 10% of full speed, which is 2" per second.  The Ramptime is the amount of time in seconds it takes to get to the speed indicated above.  This is also the ideal amount of ramp down, where the system slows down to zero from full speed in again, this many seconds.  Distance is in inches and its it the amount of movement the Control Wheel will move in inches.   Move it one inch, set to one.  Move it 10 feet, set to 120.  Simple. If traverse is "YES" it will return.  When Start is pressed the system starts its motion and when in iPhone mode turns on the recording function.   When done or when Stop is pressed the system is stopped and the recording is saved to your photo gallery.  In Camera Mode, you will need to set your camera to record video, then stop it after the move is completed.  This does offer you an opportunity to have small handles at the beginning and end of your target shot.






Rollocam ScreenShot App TimeLapseIn TimeLapse mode the system will move, stop, shoot, and move again.  The index is the amount of distance the system will move between shots.  This is a number from 1/100th of an inch to one inch.   The Distance is the total inches the H-2 moves in a full timelapse.  Interval is time in seconds the system will wait before it moves again.  Here is where you have your camera shoot.  Trigger delay needs to be at least one second less than interval to give your camera time to shoot before the system moves again, which would cause an out of focus shot. As before, dwell is the number of seconds, before it starts to go back.  When Start is pressed the system starts its motion and when in iPhone mode turns on the photo function and captures at the end of the index, saving the picture to the photo gallery   When done or when Stop is pressed the system is stopped.  All the pictures will be stored in your gallery.  In Camera Mode, the Rollocam H-2 triggers the DSLR or Mirrorless camera using the camera trigger cable, plugged into your cameras wired shutter release port.


Rollocam ScreenShot App StopMotionStop Motion is kind of cool and i'm sure its gonna create some neat stuff.  Stop motion has one control.  It represents the amount of distance in 1/100th of an inch the system will move, then capture a high resolution shot.    While in Camera mode the system will cause the DSLR or mirrorless camera to trigger the shutter, providing you have a shutter trigger cable.  When Start is pressed the system starts its motion and when in iPhone mode captures a high resolution picture and saves it to your photo gallery.   Stop motion is finished when the photo is saved.  The button will turn back to start when the capture is finished.   In Camera mode, the H-2 triggers the shot with the camera trigger cable, connected to the cameras wired trigger port.


Tracking mode is used when in iPhone mode. In a generic case the wheels are set to cause the Rollocam H-2 to spin in a circle. With the front camera activated the system will try to keep a face in the middle of the screen, by moving the system with the goal of centering the face.  Tracking can be done with the camera in portrait or landscape, however in landscape mode, please assure the phone button is on the right side.   When "Record" is pressed a 1920 x 1080 video is recorded from the front camera.  When "Stop" is pressed the recording stops and the video is saved to your photo gallery.




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