Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package
Hercules Deluxe Package

Hercules Deluxe Package


Hercules Deluxe Package: A step up from the Basic package is our Deluxe package. This intermediate package allows the user more flexibility by including the curved wheel bracket for concave or convex curved shots instead of the straight wheel bracket as well as a large wheel set (base wheel and bracket wheels) for increased speed manipulation (both features not included in the basic package).

The package includes a drive unit, a curved wheel bracket, small and large wheel sets (base wheels and bracket wheels), thumb screws, a universal screw, a wrench key, and a soft carrying pouch.

Hercules Motorized Drive Unit: The Hercules drive unit is the primary component of the Rollocam product line. This piece serves as the motor component of whatever setup the operator chooses to work with and functions by moving the base wheel in the selected direction to provide motion.

The drive unit can be used in conjunction with all of the accessories offered by Rollocam in order to change the user experience depending on the desired shot and camera type being used. The drive unit can be set to operate in either direction (left or right), in two different modes (rolling or stop motion) and at five different speeds (.1, .2, .3, .4, or .5 inches per second).

The base wheel can be swapped out depending on the desired wheel size (to further manipulate the speed by essentially doubling the above rates) or whether or not the unrestricted free-bearing wheel is needed (for hand-controlled or natural movement).

The drive unit is equipped with a magnet sensor that will trigger direction change when used with the included magnets. The drive unit uses LED light indicators to designate the selections being made. Included is the drive unit, the small and large base wheels, and a wrench to swap base wheel out.

2 in x 2 in x 4 in (50mm x 50mm x 100mm)
Weight: 15 oz. (420 g)
Package Content
1 x Hercules Drive Unit
1 x Curve Wheel Bracket
Small Wheelset (1 Drive Wheel and 2 Support Wheels)
Large wheelset (1 drive wheel and 2 support wheels)
2 x Thumb screw (2x)
1 x ¼-20 adapter and lock nut
1 x 1.5mm wrench key
1 x Soft pouch
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